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Wandering with Flavor: Yardstick's 'Wanderlust' Brew for the Wanderland Music Festival

Wandering with Flavor: Yardstick's 'Wanderlust' Brew for the Wanderland Music Festival

Amidst the melodies and the spirit of togetherness, Yardstick is thrilled to announce an extraordinary partnership with the masterminds behind the Wanderland Music Festival, the esteemed organizers at Karpos. As the festival gears up for a community-centric celebration, Yardstick is brewing something special to complement the rhythmic beats and the camaraderie of Wanderland's vibrant community – introducing our signature drink, the 'Wanderlust.'

The Wanderland Community-Centric Festival:

Wanderland Music Festival, organized by Karpos, has always stood as a testament to the power of music, art, and community. This year, Karpos is elevating the festival's community-building ethos, and Yardstick is honored to be part of this initiative.


The Signature Drink: "Wanderlust" Brew:

Yardstick's "Wanderlust" is not just a beverage; it's an immersive journey of flavors inspired by the eclectic spirit of Wanderland. This signature drink is a harmonious blend of soda water, blood orange syrup, and a crowning glory – a rich espresso shot. Each sip encapsulates the vibrancy and diversity of the Wanderland community.

Sip for a Cause:

At Yardstick, we believe in using our platform to make a positive impact. From Feb. 2 to Feb. 23, 2024, join us in supporting a cause close to the hearts of Yardstick. Simply donate any children's books in our Legazpi branch during this period, and as a token of our appreciation, enjoy a 10% discount on our delightful 'Wanderlust' brew. Through this simple act, let's come together and make a meaningful difference for a brighter future.

Engaging the Wanderland Community:

We invite the Wanderland community to participate in the festivities both at the festival and at Yardstick. Share your Wanderlust experiences on social media using our official hashtags #W2024xYS and #WanderlandMusicFest. Don't forget to tag both Yardstick and Wanderland on Instagram @yardstickcoffee and @wanderlandfest. Let's create a virtual community that resonates with the festival's commitment to unity and shared moments. Stay tuned for exciting events and surprises throughout the Wanderland Music Festival period!

The Wanderlust Experience:

This collaboration between Yardstick and Wanderland is a fusion of more than just coffee and music; it's a celebration of community, diversity, and the joy of shared experiences. Join us at Yardstick as we brew a symphony in every cup, echoing the vibrant spirit of Wanderland. Here's to the perfect blend, the 'Wanderlust' brew, and the magic of community at the Wanderland Music Festival!

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