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Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!
Harmony in a Bar: The Perfect Blend of Auro Chocolate and Yardstick Coffee

Harmony in a Bar: The Perfect Blend of Auro Chocolate and Yardstick Coffee

Perfect Pairing: Coffee and Chocolate

The marriage of rich chocolate and aromatic coffee creates an unparalleled symphony of flavors. At Yardstick, we transcend the ordinary with our collaboration with Auro Chocolate, offering a delightful journey into the intricate art of roasting, the dynamic partnership that birthed this flavorful union, and the convenience of purchasing it alongside your favorite cafe drink.

Roasting Mastery: A Dance of Coffee and Chocolate Flavors

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of roasting, where coffee and chocolate weave their stories in craftsmanship, each with its unique twist. Imagine the thrill of precision, where temperature control and artisanal skills take center stage, all for the love of enhancing those delightful flavors. Picture this: coffee beans dancing with acidity and tasting notes, while cocoa beans indulge in a lengthier embrace, emphasizing sweetness and a spectrum of flavors. Both share a passion for terroir, where coffee echoes regional nuances, and chocolate strives for the perfect blend. This exploration celebrates the shared commitment to flavor excellence, shining a light on the individual charm of our beloved brews. Join us in this flavorful adventure, where every sip is an invitation to savor the extraordinary in your daily cup!

Craftsmanship Celebration: Auro Chocolate and Yardstick Coffee Partnership

Our collaboration with Auro Chocolate is a celebration of craftsmanship and dedication, transcending expectations. Auro Chocolate's premium expertise meets Yardstick Coffee's commitment to excellence, redefining the boundaries of flavor exploration for a discerning palate.

Golden Ticket & Flat White: Nostalgic Journey and Captivating Palate

Experience the magic as Yardstick Coffee and Auro Chocolate join forces to create the Flat White, a delectable treat that combines Auro Chocolate's award-winning 40% White Chocolate with Yardstick Coffee's beloved Golden Ticket beans. This innovative fusion captures the essence of a Flat White, accentuating Golden Ticket's flavor notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and almonds. The result is a velvety white chocolate that embodies the essence of both fine coffee and chocolate, appealing to aficionados and those new to these indulgent flavors. This collaboration not only emphasizes our commitment to promoting craft in the Philippines but also celebrates a shared passion for fine flavor, sustainability, and unique experiences. The Flat White chocolate bar is envisioned as a delightful indulgence for coffee and chocolate enthusiasts, showcasing the harmony between Yardstick Coffee and Auro Chocolate.

Effortless Access to Harmony

Savor the effortless accessibility of our delectable chocolate bars, designed to bring joy to your taste buds with every bite. Whether you opt for the convenience of online shopping on our website or the delightful ambiance of our retail cafes, we ensure that our harmony with Auro Chocolate is always within your grasp. Embark on a delightful journey where flavors harmonize, the essence of our partnership thrives, and our online store and retail cafes promise an unforgettable chocolate experience. Elevate your moments with our perfect blend – a symphony of indulgence in every nibble.

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