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Secret Stash 50 Jardines El Eden (Nespresso® Capsule)

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Cop this limited run of our Secret Stash 50 Jardines El Eden - now in Nespresso® compatible capsules for you to enjoy when you need a fix! They're in between a traditional espresso and brewed coffee. Each capsule is perfect to drink and enjoy anytime of the day.

We recommend the following Nespresso® machines: Essenza Mini | Inissia | Pixie | Latissima One or the Morning Machine

Secret Stash 50 Jardines El Eden is a coffee from a micro-lot by Felipe Arcila showcasing their innovative processing. A coffee that is sure to impress.

Taste notes of Ripe Orange and Chardonnay.

  • Origin: Quindio, Colombia
  • Processing: Natural Anaerobic 80 Hours
  • Varietal: Castillo

Each box comes with 10 capsules.

Best before: Dec 12, 2025