FLAVOR NOTES: With milk, this coffee tastes like Chocolate Wafer, Caramel, Macadamia Nuts. Enjoyed black, you can taste Caramel, Grapefruit, Macadamia. It is best brewed using an Espresso Machine.

Legazpi, our Flagship Espresso Blend, has been a crowd favorite since its inception. Named after the neighborhood in which we reside, Legazpi is all about what we enjoy about coffee - its richness, bodied-mouthfeel & familiar nuances. Legazpi can be enjoyed with our without milk.

  • Origin: 40% BRAZIL Rodomunho, 40% COLOMBIA Asobombo, 20% ETHIOPIA Mistey Valley
  • Process: Natural and Pulped-Natural
  • Varietal: Varied
  • Elevation: Varied

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