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Yardstick Stories: You NEED Coffee

What motivated you to open your own coffee shop?

Winning the 2016 Aeropress Championship was really the catalyst for it. It was the culmination and reward for my love of coffee. At the time I was part timing as a barista and studying, after it made me decide to drop out and pursue business with my current business partner. It all really stems from the love of coffee, of making it and enjoying it too.

Can you tell us more about Need Coffee’s theme?

Simplicity was key and functionality was most important. Black and white just worked out for everything so we ran with it.

Celebrating your first year anniversary, how is it so far? What are some milestones that the team has achieved?

First year of business is always tough but we're most proud of making friends out of the regulars who have really supported us through these past months. There's a sense of accomplishment with meeting someone on a day to day basis and watching them slowly grow to love what we love too, the coffee.

What are your customer's all-time favourites?

Pour overs, americanos, lattes, mochas, our seasonal drinks, cold brew, there's no discrimination to what our customers call favorite and we love em for it.

Your shop has been one of the go-to places in Aguirre. What’s next for Need?

Growth, growth and growth, internally and externally. We want our baristas to pursue competition, management, experimentation; we want our shop to cast a wider net, have events, try new products, anything and everything. Branching out, expansion and all that is in the books but it can never be the same Need Coffee.

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