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Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!

8 Favorite Cozy Cafes in the World

We love visiting cafes and roasters when we travel the globe. Here's eight of our favorite cozy cafes that you need to visit on your next holiday. Don't forget to book it with Traveloka to get the best deals on flights and hotel to these awesome destinations!

1. Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery (Sydney, Australia)

Consistently tasty coffees in Artificer. It's the perfect place to grab & go or sit back, relax and people watch.

 2. Light Up Coffee (Tokyo, Japan)

Away from the busy streets of central Tokyo, this cafe from Shimokitazawa takes their coffee seriously. You won't go wrong with their filter selection.

 3. Atelier September (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Two words - Avocado Toast. Pair that with a coffee from one of our favorite Swedish roasters, Koppi.

Happy Easter Sunday 🕊 today we’re open all day as usual 🌿

A post shared by Cafe Atelier September (@atelierseptember) on

 4.  Brew Bros Coffee (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)

Melbourne-style coffee with Japanese hospitality. Hit them up for brunch or for a quick afternoon coffee run. 

 5. Go Get Em Tiger (Los Angeles, USA)

Great vibe, beautiful workflow and they recently started roasting. What more would you want from one of LA's best!

 6. Percolate (Bedok, Singapore)

A multi-roaster cafe in the heartlands of Singapore. One of the very best in town and don't forget to try their cakes too!

 7. Patricia Coffee Brewers (Melbourne, Australia)

Come here during the rush hours of a weekday morning and feel the vibe. Despite the busy atmosphere, the folks behind the bar are also great to talk to.

8. GPO Dukes (Seoul, South Korea)

We've had too many good experiences in this tiny little coffee shop. Great hospitality and even better coffees.

On Our Radar - we haven't been to these but we soon will.

1. Rosslyn Coffee (London, United Kingdom)

2. Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters (San Francisco, USA)

3. Monogram Coffee (Calgary, Canada)

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* This article was written in partnership with Traveloka Philippines for the 2018 Philippine AeroPress Championships!


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