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Check out the Yardstick Coffee Journal!
Check our the Yardstick Coffee Journal!

Hiring: Coffee Roaster

We’re looking for a Coffee Roaster to our production and wholesale team. You will work closely with our head roaster to develop and maintain consistent and quality-forward coffees as part of our wholesale and retail offering. Prior experience is helpful, but not mandatory.


  • Roast and blend our coffees for retail and wholesale purposes following strict protocols for correct operation of roasting equipment
  • Assess roasted coffee stock levels based on order requirements
  • Liaise with our sales team and tally retail and wholesale orders to create daily roast schedule
  • Regularly evaluate production roasts through cupping samples to ensure consistency
  • Prepare green coffee and roasting software for daily roast activity
  • Package coffee for retail and wholesale orders
  • Maintain and clean roasting equipment
  • Stock and rotate green coffee
  • Communicate with Production Manager, Support Person, and Cafe Management regarding available coffee origins and quantities
  • Evaluate green coffee samples through cupping
  • Analyze roast profiles with roasting team

Ideal Candidates:

  • Ability to focus on the task at hand and be meticulous with operations
  • Comfortable with lifting medium to heavy objects as part of the workload
  • Obsessed with learning and driving quality upward
  • Able to collaborate with co-workers on the job, works well in a team setting
  • Capable of learning, retaining and communicating product information with confidence

Interested candidates, please send and email with your cover letter and CV to people[at]