December Dripper


The first pourover coffee dripper designed completely by specialty coffee experts. Brewing perfect coffee is easier than ever!

You can reach more about it here.

As part of this launch, you can get discounted rates with the brewer, filters and coffee.

Flow rate stages:

  • Stage 0 is when the flow rate is "closed." There are no holes open in this stage, however there may be a trickle of liquid out of the dripper. This is simply because of slight variations in manufacturing. Stage 0 may be useful for extended blooms, immersion-style brewing, extending contact time, or brewing iced coffee.
  • Stage 1 is the lowest flow rate, optimized for small brews of 10-12 fl oz. We have enjoyed 8 fl oz brews with this setting as well, using Stage 0 for an extended 45-50 second bloom phase.
  • Stage 2 is optimized for medium brews of 14-16 fl oz. This setting is about 50% slower than a steel 185 Kalita Wave, in our experience.
  • Stage 3 is the fastest flow rate, optimized for large brews over 16 fl oz. We've found that this setting is about 30% faster than a steel 185 Kalita Wave. We have also brewed full 1 liter batches on this setting with good results, but keep in mind that large doses like this are pushing the limits of the dripper's capacity.

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