Cold Brew No. 2 (6-pack)


With the popularity of Cold Brew No. 1, we decided to take it further with No. 2. This time around, we added a dairy component to the beverage to make it creamy and the sweetener just binds everything together. The ratio of coffee to milk has been carefully thought through to ensure that there is a striking balance between the coffee and the milk. No. 2 is going to be creamy, balanced & sweet.

*** We do not ship out the Cold Brews at the moment. All Cold Brew orders are for reservation and must be picked up from our store in Legazpi Village. Cold Brew pick up schedule is every TUESDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY. We will get in touch with you to confirm pick up date and time.

Serving Size: 330ml x 6 bottles
Ingredients: 12-Hour Cold Brew Coffee, Milk, Cane Sugar Syrup
Shelf Life: 1 day

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