Tias Kettle

₱12,500.00 ₱8,750.00


The Tias kettle is designed to let everyone serve friends and family the best coffee possible. No shortcuts taken. No compromises made.

Internationally renowned industrial designer Tias Eckhoff received a design award for his original kettle back in 1964. However, his product ended up only being produced for a few years. His kettle is now being brought back to life in a refined version through a collaboration between Tias’ daughter, Sigrid Eckhoff and coffee professional Ola Brattås.

The new kettle includes a Os Flow Restrictor which prevents grit from entering the cup and provides a more controllable pouring experience. The restrictor is easy to remove for cleaning and is made from a highly durable and foodproof plastic. 

This iconic design has proved to be timeless in its appearance, the OS Tablewares team working meticulously to preserve its historic beauty whilst focusing on improving function and convenience. By breathing new life into this kettle, it has conformed to a new era.

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