Three Reasons Why To Join The Circle

Months in the making, we are finally ready to launch The Circle, our coffee subscription program. We waited for a couple of years to launch The Circle and we feel that the Philippines is ready for a Specialty Coffee subscription service.

Here are three reasons why you should join The Circle:

  • Free Yourself

We are very happy to locate ourselves and roast out of Makati but the Philippines is huge and for those in Manila, traffic can be a pain. With The Circle, we will deliver the coffee straight to your door step every month. Focus on what you need to do and we'll roast the coffees fresh and send them over. The icing on the cake is that you get to save money by subscribing to any of the available plans.

  • Secret Stash Coffees

All the coffees available for The Circle will be our current in-season single origin coffees and our flagship espresso blends. For our Premium and Plus subscribers of The Circle, you get first dibs on our Secret Stash Coffees which ship in once or twice a year. In most cases, we keep them to ourselves but now you get to brew them at home too! These won't be your run of the mill coffees but they're definitely tasty and most likely we found them in the wild.

  • A Plan For Everyone

Coffee is very subjective and we all have our own preferences. Some enjoy variety while some enjoy drinking the same coffee in the morning. Ranging from three to twelve months, we have several plans for The Circle that will suit your coffee-drinking needs. For someone looking for more flexibility, we also got you covered with the Flex subscription plan. This one is recurring, cancel-anytime and most importantly, flexible.


For early-bird subscribers from Sept. 1 - Sept. 30, the first 50 get an extra 100g of a Secret Stash coffee from Panama. Here's a clue: it's from a famous estate and we specifically chose the Pacamara for this one.

Join The Circle now by clicking here.

September 01, 2017 by Yardstick Admin

Web Store: A Small Yet Significant Facelift

It's been a year since we launched our online store, and we are very grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts. Some news — our web shop just went through a wee bit of a facelift, so here's the rundown:

  • SHOP

This section features what's currently available from our roasting team, to the latest merchandise we have for sale. You can order our coffees and have them delivered in either whole bean or pre-ground (if you do not currently have a grinder) formats. For home brewers, you can now enjoy free shipping by purchasing at least three bags. Under Merch, we curate our favorite coffee paraphernalia. If your loved ones have a soft spot for coffee, we also have some Gift Cards for them to enjoy.


A big portion of our day is spent "teaching" — be it inside a classroom or a client's café. Here, you can book a slot for our upcoming Lifestyle Workshops. These are suitable for home brewers, coffee enthusiasts, and maybe even your folks (we're serious!). For anyone planning to scratch that coffee itch, our Professional Workshops will either inspire you or give you a sense check if this is truly your calling. If you just want to taste coffees like we do, be sure to sign up to our free monthly Public Cuppings! We won't disappoint!


If we're not teaching, we're most likely roasting coffee, delivering them to clients, or servicing coffee machines in the field. This section provides a brief overview of why Yardstick exists in the first place. Whether you are planning to set up a shop or gain some ideas on how to improve your current coffee program, look no further. Don't be shy, let us know how we can help you. 


This is the newest component of the web shop — our blog. It is through this space that we express our thoughts and ideas in bite-sized, easy-to-digest proportions. In most cases, these entries are meant to inform, but we do hope to inspire you once in a while.


We're also excited to announce something new tomorrow! But in the meantime, do sign up to our newsletter by clicking here.

August 31, 2017 by Yardstick Admin
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